Dr. Bhat!

Shame on me for taking so long to post this, but, Congratulations to Dr. Avinay Bhat!   Avinay successfully defended his dissertation back in May, via Zoom (so no good photographs unfortunately), and told us all about his exciting work to develop tools to study MeV-scale physics in MicroBooNE.  Now he’s off to Yale for a postdoc working on neutrinoless double-beta decay.  Well done Avinay!

SBND Construction

Check out this cool tweet from @FNALNeutrinos highlighting the work of Monica Nunes, and colleagues, in building the SBND TPC at Fermilab!

Cool Story

Check out this interesting story from Fermilab, highlighting a new paper from Steven Gardiner of Fermilab about the MARLEY program and its potential applications for supernova neutrino studies.  The story highlights recents low-energy LArTPC reconstruction tools developed first on ArgoNeuT, then on MicroBooNE by our own Avinay Bhat!  Let’s hope we get lucky and have DUNE up and running when the next galactic supernova burst passes our way 😉

Simulated MARLEY Supernova Neutrino Event in MicroBooNE