In the News

Searching for the Universe’s Tiniest Clues – News from SU about Soderberg and Whittington’s new NSF and DOE funding. (Aug. 2022)

From Brazil to Batavia: How Ohana Benevides Rodrigues Found Her New Home at Fermilab – Article from URA about Ohana and her work at Fermilab. (July 2022)

A&S Researchers Contribute to MicroBooNE Experiment’s First Results Showing No Hint of a Sterile Neutrino – Article from SU about MicroBooNE’s initial unblinded results (Oct. 2021)

Physicist Wins Grant to Support Ongoing Research Into Neutrinos – News from SU about Soderberg Advanced Detector R&D grant. (Aug. 2019).

Swimming in a Sea of Neutrinos – Article from SU about Avinay Bhat and his neutrino research. (April 2019).

Syracuse Intensifies Search for New ‘Ghostly’ Particles – Article from SU about SBN and completion of SBND detector components. (Dec. 2018)

International collaborators deliver first critical components for upcoming neutrino detector – Fermilab article about SBND detector components arriving after production by teams including Syracuse group. (Dec. 2018)

DUNE scientists receive NSF grant to tackle mass production of detector components for massive neutrino experiment – Fermilab article about NSF grant for Chicago/Yale/Wisconsin/Syracuse to develop DUNE Far Detector APA construction plans.  (Sept. 2018)

SUrge Contributes to MicroBooNE Collaboration Research – Article about Jessica Esquivel’s research and use of the SU “SUrge” GPU cluster. (Dec. 2017)

Physicist Seeks Big Answers from Tiny Particles – Article from SU about Soderberg and recent NSF grant. (Nov. 2017)

Syracuse Revels in Mega-Science Experiment to Study Neutrinos – Article from SU about group involvement on DUNE, and ground-breaking ceremony at SURF. (July 2017)

Syracuse Physicists Aid in Study of Elusive Neutrinos – Article from SU about group involvement on MicroBooNE, and first recorded neutrino interactions. (Nov. 2015)


Selected Papers


Demonstration of MeV-Scale Physics in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers Using ArgoNeuT”, submitted to Phys. Rev. D, arXiv:1810.06502 [SU authors: Soderberg]

“First measurement of the cross section for nu_mu and anti-nu_mu induced single charged pion production on argon using ArgoNeuT”, Phys. Rev. D 98, 052002 (2018), arXiv:1804.10294 [SU authors: Soderberg]


“The Single-Phase ProtoDUNE Technical Design Report”, arXiv:1706.07081 [SU authors: Hamilton, Soderberg, Whittington]

“Measurement of of nu_mu and anti-nu_mu Neutral Current π0→γγ Production in the ArgoNeuT Detector”, Phys. Rev. D 96, 012006 (2017), arXiv:1511.00941 [SU authors: Soderberg]

“First Observation of Low Energy Electron Neutrinos in a Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber”, Phys. Rev. D 95, 072005 (2017), arXiv:1610.04102 [SU authors: Soderberg]

“Construction and Assembly of the Wire Planes for the MicroBooNE Time Projection Chamber”, JINST 12 (2017) no.03, T03003, arXiv:1609.06169 [SU authors: Soderberg]

“Design and Construction of the MicroBooNE Detector”,  JINST 12 (2017) no.02, P02017,  arXiv:1612.05824 [SU authors: Esquivel, Hamilton, Pulliam, Soderberg]


“LArIAT: Worlds First Pion-Argon Cross-Section”, arXiv:1611.00821 [SU authors: Hamilton]

“First Measurement of Neutrino Interactions in MicroBooNE”, arXiv:1611.00820 [SU authors: Hamilton]

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“The Intermediate Neutrino Program”, arXiv:1503.06637 [SU authors: Asaadi, Soderberg, Whittington]

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“Neutrino-nucleus interactions and the short-range structure of nuclei”, arXiv:1501.01983 [SU authors: Soderberg]


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“LArIAT: Liquid Argon In A Testbed”, arXiv:1406.5560 [SU authors: Asaadi, Esquivel, Soderberg]

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“Measurements of Inclusive Muon Neutrino and Antineutrino Charged Current Differential Cross Sections on Argon in the NuMI Antineutrino Beam”, Phys. Rev. D 89, 112003 (2014), arXiv:1404.4809 [SU authors: Asaadi, Soderberg]

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“The Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment: Exploring Fundamental Symmetries of the Universe”, arXiv:1307.7335 [SU authors: Asaadi, Soderberg, Whittington]

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