DUNE 2×2 Milestone!

Yesterday (Monday, Oct. 16), all 4 modules for the DUNE “2×2” detector were lowered into the NuMI tunnel, and will soon be installed in their cryostat.  This is a big step towards its eventual physics run in the NuMI beam.  Congrats to the whole DUNE ND-LAr team who had a hand in getting to this point, including our own Tom Murphy who has been on site and helping to prepare for this day!  Some more photos below, including Tom in hardhat in one:

At least one of us here at SU had deja vu from a similar experience with ArgoNeuT way back in January 2009:

SURPh 2023!

Last week was the culmination of the 2023 Syracuse University Research in Physics (SURPh) program.  Mitch and Denver each worked with two high school students from the Syracuse City School District on various projects related to experimental particle physics.  They were all fantastic, and it was a lot of fun having them around this summer.  See the article from SU for more info.


Homecoming for Dr. Benevides Rodrigues!

Ohana was back in town last week to officially receive her Doctoral degree, and she was also selected as the Graduate School Marshal for Syracuse University’s 2023 Commencement!  It was great to have her back in town for a few days and hear about her current work as a postdoctoral researcher at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Read this great article to learn more about Ohana and her work!

An Intuitive Approach to Physics Research: Get to Know Graduate Student Marshal Ohana Benevides Rodrigues