Specialists gather to discuss noble element detectors

The third LIght Detection in Noble Elements (LIDINE) conference, held at SLAC Sept. 22-24, brought together specialists in noble element-based detectors from across the dark matter and neutrino communities. Experts shared new developments in harnessing the scintillation properties of argon, xenon, and other noble elements to study weakly-interacting particles. Prof. Whittington co-chaired the conference and presented new findings on the scintillation properties of liquid argon-xenon mixtures that could lead to enhanced particle detection capabilities in the next generation of liquid argon neutrino experiments.

ArgoNeuT event in the CERN Courier

An ArgoNeuT Event

The current edition of the CERN Courier features a very nice article by Prof. Ulrich Mosel about the importance of improving the modeling of neutrino-nucleus interactions.  An event display from ArgoNeuT is included to illustrate the complexity of such interactions.  Here’s that same event, showing the Collection plane view too!  It’s most likely a deep-inelastic scattering event, with what appears to be a very interesting backwards-traveling proton.