Avinay wins a Prize!

Avinay Bhat took home the 3rd place prize for his entry in the poster session at the 52nd Annual Fermilab Users Meeting last week.  Congrats to Avinay!

Dr. Pulliam!

Congratulations to Greg Pulliam, who defended his Ph.D. dissertation yesterday.   Greg presented his  thesis topic, “pi+ Cross Section on Liquid Argon for the LArIAT Experiment”.  It was very impressive to see how he helped build and operate the experiment,  and complete a fully-developed analysis, all within his graduate school years.  Kudos!

Neutrino MasterClass

During our Spring Break, we hosted a group of students, and their Physics teachers, from Fayetteville-Manlius high-school as part of our involvement in the Quarknet program.  They spent the day learning about neutrinos and analyzing data from the MINERvA experiment.   It was a lot of fun!

SBND APA Delivery

The long journey of the U.S.-made SBND APAs reaches a milestone.  Delivery of both APAs to Fermilab (along with the field-cage modules made by our Yale colleagues).  Now TPC construction can proceed full-speed ahead.  See some photos of the truck arriving, and Pip and company supervising the unloading.